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NAD+ IV Therapy

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What Is NAD+ IV Therapy?

NAD+ (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme found in every cell of the human body that plays a vital role in cellular metabolism and energy production. However, NAD+ volumes decline as we age. This drop is often associated with several age-related diseases and conditions, including cognitive decline, cardiovascular diseases, and type 2 diabetes.

Recently, NAD+ IV therapy has gained praise as an effective method for enhancing overall health and wellness. Through the direct infusion of NAD+ as an infusion, both body and mind may be revitalized. This approach ensures efficient absorption of NAD+ into the cells, enabling patients to obtain multiple benefits, including improved energy levels, better immunity from illness, enhanced brain power, increased athletic endurance, and more. Replenishing NAD+ levels through IV therapy at Be You Med Spa & Wellness is a powerful tool that can help many people, regardless of age and fitness.

How Is NAD+ IV Therapy Performed?

Our highly experienced staff will start your IV using care and precision.  You will relax in our heated massage chairs or another chair of your choice while surrounded by gentle calming music intended to reduce overall stress.  Each patient has the option to work on their laptop using our our free WiFi, read, or simply relax.  The complete infusion will take a minimum of two hours depending on your treatment plan. Some patients report an immediate energy boost and refreshed mental clarity and focus during the infusion. This treatment requires no downtime and after your infusion you may quickly get you back to your planned activities with more energy and clarity than before.

Revitalize Body and Mind

NAD+ IV therapy can boost your overall wellness, improve cognitive function, decrease your risk for diabetes and heart disease, and more. At Be You Med Spa & Wellness, we proudly offer this exciting treatment for individuals with various goals and concerns. Contact our Dyer, IN practice to learn more about NAD+ IV infusions or schedule a consultation with Dr. Katherine Bell or a skilled team member.

NAD+IV Therapy Pricing

NAD+IV InfusionsPricing
NAD+ 250 mg Infusion$275
NAD+ 500 mg Infusion$500
NAD+ 750 mg Infusion$700
NAD+ 1000 mg Infusion$900

NAD+ Infusions are patient specific thus requiring 2 days advanced notice.

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