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What Is IV Therapy?

Are you ready to increase your overall energy and vitality? At Be You Med Spa & Wellness, our team of experienced professionals provides IV (intravenous) wellness therapy to help you feel your best. Our custom-tailored IV cocktails offer various ingredients that can enhance your complexion, improve the radiance of your skin, lower overall stress, increase energy levels and improve frequent fatigue, detoxify the body, improve metabolism and stimulate weight loss, aid with nutrient deficiencies, boost the immune system, relieve migraines and overall pan including fibromyalgia, and speed recovery.  Every one of our IV Therapies replenishes and refreshes while you simply relax.  All ingredients are from 503B pharmacies and are FDA regulated.  Let us help you choose the type of IV therapy that is best for you.  Call us today to book your complimentary consultation and to learn more about the benefits of wellness IV therapy.

What Can I Expect During An IV Session?

At Be You Med Spa & Wellness you will be able to browse through our informative IV nutrient literature and discuss which type of IV therapy is best for you with one of our board certified medical professionals.  You can feel comfortable knowing that each one of us has well over a decade worth of experience in performing IV placement. We always use sterile technique in order to avoid any minor complications, and to ensure you a stress free experience your comfort is always our top priority.  You will relax in one of our heated massage chairs or another treatment chair of your choice while you receive your infusion.  Feel free to read, work on your device using our complimentary WiFi, or even ease into a restful nap without any interruption.  After your IV has completely infused your provider will remove it and place a small bandage on the site of insertion.  IV Therapy usually takes about an hour after which you can leave feeling refreshed and replenished.

Be You Med Spa & Wellness IV Therapy IV Therapy

Feel Your Best

Our IV Therapies allow nutrient absorption at a much greater percentage when compared to nutrients ingested orally.  If vitamins and supplements are taken by mouth they musts first pass through the gastrointestinal tract which greatly reduces their bioavailability.  When delivered via IV these same nutrients can cross over directly into the cells of the body for immediate use without being broken down by gastric acids.  Additionally, our IV Therapies are all natural and most are preservative free.  With IV infusion therapy, you can experience relief from multiple unwanted symptoms and feel like your best self.  Some of the issues addressed are fatigue, migraines and pain in general, vitamin deficiencies, immune deficiency, the common cold, and stress.  After your infusion you may feel more relaxed and the next day should begin to feel more energized.  Recommendations with regard to treatment frequency depend on the overall demands placed on your mind and body.  It is ideal to experience IV therapy every 2-4 weeks although some patients who are more active may opt for weekly infusions.  At Be You Med Spa & Wellness, we are proud to offer personalized treatment for individuals with various goals and concerns.  Call our Dyer, IN facility to hear more details about IV nutrient treatment or to book your appointment.

Enhance your IV Therapy experience with the following add ons…

Vitamin B12 or Pepcid   –   15

Benadryl, Dexamethasone, Ketorolac, or Ondansetron   –   25

Biotin, MICC, or Vitamin D   –   30

Alpha Lipoic Acid, Glutathione, Lipo B, or Lipo C   –   40

Vitamin D Packages:

Package of Four   –   110

Package of Eight   –   210

Package of Twelve   –   300

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