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What Is Body Contouring?

The term “body contouring” is commonly talked about in the cosmetic industry as a collection of procedures that can be done to achieve a more sculpted figure. Individuals who experience difficult bulges of fat tissue or loose skin but do not wish to have a surgical procedure may want to consider body contouring at Be You Med Spa & Wellness. body contouring uses cutting-edge equipment and concentrated heat to dissolve fatty tissue, firm the skin, and shape specific parts of the physique. In addition, body contouring is frequently advised for individuals who discover that healthy eating and staying active are not creating all of the outcomes they would like. Reach out to our practice in Dyer, IN to book your body contouring consult with Dr. Katherine Bell.

What Are the Benefits of Body Contouring?

Body contouring can help Dyer, IN patients who are having a difficult time reaching their ideal body appearance in spite of exercise and diet, especially after significant weight loss. If you have lost weight and have loose skin and folds that need to be resolved, body contouring can be a great treatment option for regaining confidence in your new body. Additional benefits of this treatment can include:
  • No recovery time after your procedure
  • Optimal outcomes after having a handful of treatments
  • Lasting results
  • Removal of undesired fat bulges

Is Body Contouring Right For Me?

You may be a good candidate for body contouring if you experience loose skin or unyielding fat in spots that are tricky to shed, even with a nutritious diet and routine exercise. The décolletage, stomach, lower back, thighs, and flanks, for example, might each hold fat, creating unwanted bulges. The ideal candidates for body contouring are Dyer, IN those who are at an ideal weight and desire a firmer, leaner figure but aren’t ready for involved surgical procedures with a greater expense and extended recovery times.

How Does Body Contouring Work?

Body contouring is carried out in a secluded treatment section at our Dyer, IN facility and can be used to address the abdomen, neck, arms, rear end, and legs. Dr. Bell will go over your aesthetic objectives and make a personalized treatment outline to address the locations of concern. For the appointment, we will glide the device carefully over the skin a few times in the designated areas. The energy waves help to eradicate fat tissue and encourage the natural output of elastin and collagen to tighten saggy skin. Your session might take approximately 30 – 90 minutes to complete, according to the area and quantity of locations addressed.

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What Can I Expect After My Body Contouring?

There should be no required downtime following body contouring, and many patients have very few side effects. You might expect to have discoloration, inflammation, and bruising at the affected sites, but these issues can resolve within a day or two. According to your unique curves and the area being addressed, you might observe observable enhancements quickly. Typically, most patients will feel a significant improvement in the measurements of their targeted region over a period of 3 – 6 months. After the body eliminates the fat tissue, it won’t come back. But it’s important to keep a normal weight, as significant weight increases can alter the results.

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When you hope to shed extra fat without the need to have a surgical procedure, body contouring at Be You Med Spa & Wellness might be the right solution for you. Contact us for a consultation with Dr. Bell at our Dyer, IN practice to hear more regarding how we could help reduce fat and firm your skin so you can obtain the physique you’ve been hoping for.

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